Drake Affiliates has merged with Royalty Revenue, our sister affiliate program. All existing affiliates are able to continue the use of their accounts at www.RoyaltyRevenue.com. Detailed information provided below.

In an effort to streamline our communications, strengthen our brand recognition, and improve our overall service, we've merged Drake Affiliates into the Royalty Revenue affiliate program. Royalty Revenue has always been under our management and control, so this change is internal. On September 19th, a new account was be created for you at www.RoyaltyRevenue.com with the same Username and Password that existed in Drake Affiliates.

   If you already had an account in Royalty Revenue with the same exact username as your Drake Affiliates account, then your new account in Royalty Revenue will have "DRK-" in the front of your username for login purposes. So, if you had matching usernames of "TrafficKing" in both programs, your existing Royalty Revenue username will stay TrafficKing, and your Drake Affiliates account that has been ported-over will have username DRK-TrafficKing in Royalty Revenue. The password will remain the same for all. If you do not remember your password, please use the "Forgot Password" feature on the site, or contact us.

   Your tracking links are, and will remain 100% active, and on the date of the merger, all activity will begin to appear in your new Royalty Revenue account for all of your active links.

   All of your player information and reporting will be ported-over to your new Royalty Revenue account as well, so you can still view historical reporting for your campaign(s), and also real-time reporting for present activity as well.

   Your current commission/deal information will remain the same, as will all other details on your account.

   You do not have to change any of your links initially, however in time, we do ask that you eventually change all of your old Drake Affiliate links for new ones that you can find/create within your new Royalty Revenue account. At some point we will communicate a hard-deadline for this, but you have some time.

   If you have an account in Royalty Revenue already, and wish for the Drake Affiliate account to be merged into that one, so that you only have to manage one account, please let me know, and we will inform you of when we are able to complete this. Our hope will be at some point in October.

   Within Royalty Revenue, you will be able to promote DrakeCasino.eu, GossipSlots.eu, and VipSlots.eu, with all three sharing the same target GEOs, game providers, and similar bonus/marketing structures. Our intentions are to push hard for growth indefinitely, and continue to develop our relationships with top affiliates!

   You will earn one commission per account in Royalty Revenue, so same as if you pushed both Drake and Gossip within your Drake Affiliates account; you will earn one bundled commission.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. The backend for Royalty Revenue is identical to that of Drake Affiliates, so you should not have any issues with reporting, marketing materials, or creating sub-campaigns.

Kind regards,

Drake Affiliates Team